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About Us

Beyond Bea is a charity raising awareness of baby loss and educating students and health care professionals in order to improve bereavement care.

We recognise that not all health professionals deliver the same high standard of care when diagnosing and supporting families during the loss of a baby. This is often due to lack of training and inexperience.

Our aim is to ensure that all health professionals and students are offered accessible bereavement education and training. Alternative training is available by other organisations at present however, this is often inaccessible due to cost or distance and often not delivered to meet direct clinical need. This therefore makes training inaccessible for many.

Beyond Bea was created on 8th January 2018 by our founder, Steph Wild. Steph always had a passion for bereavement care and from the age of 19 whilst working as a Student Midwife she tried to improve her exposure and awareness of baby loss to improve care for families. Her desire to work in bereavement grew and she gained experience in as many areas as possible.

After working as a Registered Midwife for a number of years on the 2nd November 2017, Steph's daughter Bea was born. Bea was diagnosed with a significant brain abnormality during pregnancy and died at 23 weeks and 4 days gestation. 

Steph recognised that her care overall had been great, however there were some areas of concern and many of these were also reflected in care she had witnessed of other families, feelings other families had expressed and it became apparent these specific aspects seemed to be a regular occurrence across the UK.

After realising this and now being able to understand bereavement from a dual perspective, as a professional and parent, Steph wanted to enable all students and health professionals to be able to access accessible bereavement training and created Beyond Bea Charity.

It's name simply because - it is Beyond Bea.

Bea may not be here but her name, the lessons she has brought and her life has impacted thousands around the world.

"No family should feel the impact of a lack of training and no health professional should feel inadequate providing bereavement care. I want to change that" - Steph Wild, Founder of Beyond Bea Charity

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