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Our Trustees

Steph Wild

Chairperson & Founder


Steph is a registered and practicing Midwife who lives and works in Manchester. She has always been very passionate about bereavement care and support. She began establishing her interest as a student via her mentors, attended a regular baby loss support group at her local hospital as well as caring for families during her training.

Hearing the stories of parents who had experienced loss and varying degrees of standards of care she had always wanted to become more involved in bereavement care and changing perceptions of how to care and support these families.

In 2017, Steph and her partner Graham lost their baby girl, Beatrice, at 23 weeks and 4 days gestation.

Beyond Bea Charity then established in 2018 in memory of Bea through her name but also to improve care for parents who are bereaved across the UK by training health professionals.

I recognised that there are a number of training days, events, conferences and also in house training available. This is often overlooked by hospitals as many are already finding it difficult to fulfil mandatory training and so bereavement training often isn't a priority leaving inexperienced, those with minimal exposure and those who are newly qualified to feel inadequate, poorly supported and under prepared.

There may be other training but many of these are costing large amounts of money (for those who already do not get paid enough for the incredible jobs they do) and usually aren't paid for by hospitals themselves and so Beyond Bea Charity was established to change this and offer all health professionals free training written by an experienced midwife with input by other appropriate medical professionals, parents and care providers

Donna Wild



Donna lives in Manchester and works for a local council as a Schools Budget Officer. 
The majority of her  life has centred around Admin and Finance positions and 26 of those years have been with Local Government.
In her younger years she was involved with Oldham Leo's, a charity organisation which involved fundraising for those less fortunate and good causes.

She is the mother of Steph.

I couldn't be prouder of my daughter and her partner Graham in how far they have come in such a short time and I'm absolutely overwhelmed with Steph's energy, positivity and wealth of knowledge and personal experience she wishes to share in helping others, I want to continue to support her and will always be by her side throughout the journey with Beyond Bea Charity and serve this in memory of my treasured granddaughter.

Naomi Pickett

Trustee - HR


Naomi has nearly two decades of experience working in the not for profit and charitable sector and currently works as an HR Manager for a large independent regional theatre which is her dream job!

Naomi lives on the south coast with her husband Matt and eldest son Toby, the couple have two other sons born in 2015 and 2016 who sadly died.

Rory had to be induced early due to severe early onset pre-eclampsia/HELLP and died shortly after birth at 23 weeks. Henry was born still just over a year later at 23+1 weeks due to placental insufficiency.

In 2016 Naomi and Matt set up Butterfly Books for Baby Loss to offer families the chance to read a bedtime story to their baby whilst still in hospital, the charity provides books to many units around the UK and gained charitable status in 2019.

Naomi is passionate about sharing her experiences of infertility, donor egg IVF, baby loss, and the impact of pregnancy after loss that didn’t end with a living baby; she is excited to have joined the team at Beyond Bea!

Kylie Brennan

Trustee - Student Ambassador Lead


Since the age of 14 Kylie knew she wanted to be a Midwife. After already having her son Max in 2010, Kylie and her husband Paul married in 2014 and were looking forward to extending their family. 

 In June 2015, Kylie and Paul were finally excited to announce they were expecting their second child; bereavement was never a factor in the many thoughts that consumed as they prepared to welcome another pitter patter of tiny footsteps. 

At 19 weeks pregnant, Kylie waters broke. Her son Beau was born a week later on the 3rd of October at 20 weeks and 3 days gestation. It was later confirmed that Kylie had contracted an intrauterine infection, something that until then, she never knew was a possibility. It was then that she knew, she had to pursue a dream that once scared her and started her journey into midwifery.

Having her rainbow baby, Dexter, in the following year, Kylie enrolled onto an access to higher education course at her local college in 2017, before applying to university. During this time, she became involved in Beyond Bea Charity, telling Beau’s story as a parent speaker; an opportunity that has helped in her grieving process immensely. 

Now as a Student Midwife, Kylie is passionate about integrating her personal experiences into the foundations of her profession and advocates for better education surrounding bereavement care within the healthcare system.

I have watched this amazing little charity grow into something spectacularly beautiful, and more importantly, imperative. As a bereaved mother and a student midwife, education is paramount to key improvements so desperately needed across the UK. We dearly hope that we will see a day where no more babies and children have to die, but until then what we can do is ensure that during those first moments of grief, the care and memories we help families to create are made all the right reasons to remember a name.

Nicky Spendlove



Nicky is a Brand and Communications Consultant who lives and works in Manchester, developing insights, strategies and training to help business leaders build powerful brands.

She is a proud Mum to Imogen, Lucas, Finley, and Eleanor, Lucas’s twin sister, who died when she was six days old following complications during delivery.

Nicky feels fortunate to have received excellent bereavement care from a team of experienced and compassionate professionals whose support helped the family to prepare for Eleanor’s death, have the time they needed to make memories, and who demonstrated such care and love for Eleanor, that real moments of joy were able to be created during the darkest of times.

From the moment we were told that Eleanor was going to die, a team of wonderful and highly skilled people were there to lift us up at our lowest point and still to this day have not left our side. It saddens me think not every family has had this experience.

Steph and the Beyond Bea team are determined to reach and educate as many people as possible, and this is undoubtedly creating a lasting legacy and a real and tangible change to the provision of bereavement care.  I am truly honoured to join the team and to be able to play a part in ensuring all families receive the best care possible when their baby dies.

Chelsie Gladstone

Trustee - Health & Safety


Chelsie is a Mummy to Jax born in 2017, Matilda born in 2019 and Tate born in 2020, fiancée to Matt and a Health and Safety Advisor in the Construction and Engineering sector; who lives in a village near Morecambe. Following the stillbirth of Matilda at 36 weeks and 4 days after a healthy pregnancy in February 2019 they immediately knew that they wanted to create a huge legacy for Matilda.

Finding themselves a part of a community they were once ignorant of their aim of what they wanted to achieve in Matilda’s memory was very clear.

Chelsie & Matt attended Baby Loss Hour Live in April 2019 just 8 weeks after Matilda’s birth and was introduced to Steph & Chris and they both instantly advocated the work that they do. Beyond Bea became one of their chosen fundraising charities at the back end of 2019 and Chelsie also attended a couple of Study Days as a Parent Speaker sharing their experiences and Matilda’s story.

We of course always knew that babies died but it was never something we discussed or imagined would happen to us. We were shamingly ignorant. I guess the ignorance arose from the fact that babies shouldn’t die therefore why would we want to think of it happening?

Only hours after it had been confirmed that Matilda had died Matt & I went home for the ‘’void’’ period and made some promises to Matilda. Our promises were to raise £10,000 before her first birthday, raise awareness which we will continue to do, share our story with professionals to improve care, for us to not view the world in a negative light and for the grief not to consume us. We were naïve to the last promise.

We’re unable to parent Matilda in the ways we should be doing like her brothers but by trying to make a difference not only does it allow us to keep Matilda’s memory alive it allows us to offer her some form of parenting, just in a very different way to how we should be doing.

I am honoured to be a part of the Beyond Bea team as watching the work that they do and the expansion I have witnessed since April 2019 has been nothing short of phenomenal. I adore the work not only do they provide for Health Care Professionals but how they continue to raise awareness and support families with such a caring, honest and loving approach.

Sarah Lloyd

Trustee - PR


Sarah is an Account Director for a public relations company, which specialises in health, fitness and wellbeing. She has 20 years’ media experience and has a reputation for helping to humanise brands through authentic communications.

In 2014, Sarah’s third son, Sebastian, was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia. The diagnosis was devastating. Sarah and Sebastian were blue lighted to Great Ormond Street Hospital, where they lived on a hospital ward for four months while he underwent relentless treatment. 

Sarah spent months living with Sebastian on a children’s oncology ward, away from her husband and two older sons (Toby and Charlie). It was an extremely heart-breaking and challenging time. Despite aggressive chemotherapy treatments, the team at GOSH could not get Sebastian into remission and Sarah brought her son home to die when he was just nine months old.

Sarah went on to have a further child, a daughter, Marigold, in 2015. Marigold was born with a life-threatening condition and once again, Sarah found herself and her baby being blue lighted, this time to London’s Evelina’s Hospital, where emergency surgery saved her three-day old daughter’s life.

Sarah has experienced first-hand the joys and heartbreak of hospital life and has spent many months, weeks and days with medical teams and support staff. Sarah is passionate about raising awareness of childhood cancer as well as encouraging transparent communications and training about infant death and bereavement. 

Away from work, Sarah loves a fitness challenge and regularly competes in marathons, half marathons. She’s often up at 6am doing a quick 5k run ‘for fun’, before serving Shreddies to her family.

Francesca Trundle - Martin



Francesca has spent her career working in NHS management, both within hospitals across London and the South East and, more recently, for NHS England & NHS Improvement. She currently works as an associate director for strategy within NHS England & NHS Improvement. She is passionate about working across organisations and boundaries to improve people’s experiences of healthcare. She lives in Surrey with her husband and daughter and enjoys singing in her spare time.

Francesca and her husband’s first baby, Alexander, died shortly before he was born in 2018. They were cared for at the time by a midwife who had undergone specialist bereavement training and supported them to make precious memories.

Francesca was pleased to have the opportunity to become a trustee for Beyond Bea and help the charity maximise the number of healthcare professionals who can access specialist bereavement training.

Billie Andrews



Billie is a psychotherapist based in Manchester who specialises in working with trauma; specifically with those affected by sexual abuse. She has more recently started to explore and understand more about the impact of baby loss and is hoping to start a Professional Doctorate researching this further.

Billie started to become interested in others’ experiences of baby loss after she experienced 3 early pregnancy losses before the arrival of her son Jack in 2018. Billie was under the care of the recurrent miscarriage clinical and whilst the physical healthcare she received was absolutely excellent, very little attention was paid to her mental health. This meant that she struggled with chronic anxiety throughout her pregnancy and Jack’s early life and didn’t know how to start the conversation. Billie is passionate about us working towards a culture where we can openly talk about baby loss that will then ensure parents get the support they need and not feel abandoned and isolated.

Billie is interested in learning more about what families need to support their healing and feels that Beyond Bea play an integral role in this. Education is the single most important key to cultural change - if we can support front line professionals to feel more confident in their own knowledge, they will be more willing to have the uncomfortable conversations that open the door to the right support.

Billie is excited to be part of the next chapter of Beyond Bea’s journey and hopes to help the charity continue to grow and build on their success so far.

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