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Baby loss and bereavement charity, Beyond Bea, continues to provide child bereavement training throughout the pandemic

Beyond Bea, which delivers baby loss, bereavement training and study days for healthcare professionals and students, has continued to grow and expand its training capacity, even during the COVID19 pandemic.

The charity was set up in 2018, shortly after its founder, Steph Wild, 27, sadly became a bereaved parent, when her daughter Bea was born at 23 weeks and four days gestation. Steph originally from Oldham, is a registered midwife working in Greater Manchester says: “Baby loss doesn’t go away - just because there is a pandemic.  The loss of my daughter drives me to make a difference to families going through any kind of baby loss be that still birth, termination of pregnancy, compassionate induction, neonatal death or miscarriage. Throughout my midwifery training and career, I have always been acutely aware that bereavement care training was severely limited, inconsistent in quality, and often prohibitively expensive for students or professionals to access. I set up the Beyond Bea Charity just 67 days after Bea’s birth and I’m very proud of the legacy I have created in her memory.”

The Beyond Bea Charity delivers high-quality, accessible bereavement study days with the vision that it will always be free of charge to attendees. The study days are available to any healthcare provider or university, while they cater primarily for maternity and neonatal staff - they can also be accessed by a range of other professionals including paramedics, A&E nurses, police, funeral directors, HR professionals and hospice teams.

During 2020, Steph and her team, moved their training online, and have successfully trained an impressive 1319 healthcare professionals and students since March. Its study days cover different clinical aspects of pregnancy loss as well as how to break bad news, care in ‘rainbow’ pregnancy, prevention and reduction initiatives, and different memory-making opportunities. Steph says: “I feel that the unique advantage of the Beyond Bea study days is the balance that I can bring both as a midwife and also a bereaved mother. 

The Beyond Bea social media platforms are used as tool to raise awareness of this often-taboo subject. Bereaved parents want to talk and share their memories about their babies. Steph says: “Bereaved parents want to talk about their child. Talking with a bereaved parent, doesn’t remind them that their baby died – they haven’t forgotten. It reminds them that you remember that they lived, which means the world to them.”

Recently, some high-profile women have shared their experiences of baby loss including the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Chrissy Teigen. Steph says: “I am grateful that these women have opened up about their baby-loss. Losing a child is experienced by so many women but talked about by very few. By sharing their grief, it makes others feel less alone.”

The Beyond Bea Charity is always looking for local volunteers and fundraisers to help them to be able to continue to provide its invaluable training sessions. For more information about the Beyond Bea Charity, how you can get involved, how to share your baby loss story or to book a study day visit or find them on social media.

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