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Louisa's Story

Louisa, 27, is a second-year student midwife at Middlesex University. She came to midwifery after initially studying musical theatre at drama school, and working as an actress. She is also a Beyond Bea Student Ambassador and has recently completed Beyond Bea online study session.

Louisa says: “I’ve always been fascinated by birth and loved watching shows like One Born Every Minute, so when I wanted to retrain, midwifery felt the natural choice.”

Louisa is enjoying her training and work placements, and has a particular interest in supporting families experiencing baby-loss after personally suffering a miscarriage in 2018. Louisa says: “After I lost my baby, I was angry and sad, I came across the Beyond Bea Charity through their social media channels, and have found their online platforms to be extremely supportive, as well as educational. 

“The Beyond Bea’s online study sessions are extremely rewarding - teaching about the different types of pregnancy loss and how-to best support families. As someone who has experienced the loss of a baby, I unfortunately know what it’s like to experience poor care .  Before my Beyond Bea training, I was anxious that I would say the wrong thing, or wouldn’t understand the steps I could take to help facilitate the time a family could spend with their baby.  In addition, the study session has explained how to use memory making equipment, including how to cast a hand/foot and to make prints.  I now feel confident that I can care for a bereaved family.” 

Beyond Bea’s Founder, Steph Wild, who delivers the training days, says: “It is so important that midwives are empowered and informed to deliver care properly to the families who are losing their child.  I feel that the unique advantage of the Beyond Bea study days and online sessions, is the balance that I can bring both as a midwife and also a bereaved mother. It’s the combination of clinical and emotional care that will empower midwives to be the families advocate in the loss of their child.”

Louisa continues: “When a child dies – it’s a difficult situation for everyone. Heart-breaking for the family, and stressful for the medical team too.  Midwives must be confident in dealing with both life and death. Midwives must enable the family whose baby dies to feel that their voices and wishes are heard.

“Steph shares the memories of her pregnancy and the birth of Bea during the study session, which reminds us that there is person, a family, and a story behind each and every loss.  She asks us to make sure we read the patients medical notes, to stop, to listen and to think about how we would want to be treated. The Beyond Bea charity has respect and trust at the heart of everything it does.”

Louisa will continue to follow and engage with Beyond Bea’s social media platforms and its live IG open conversations, which she finds to be extremely informative. She is also planning on implementing a study day at Middlesex University, and to hopefully attend the next Beyond Bea conference. 

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