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Aspirant Healthcare Student Baby Loss Awareness Training

About our Baby Loss Awareness sessions

Our aspirant healthcare student baby loss awareness sessions have been created to enable those who are seeking to become a health care professional to gain access to beginner level baby loss information and understood more about the impact of high quality bereavement care.

The £10 session is interactive and enables attendees to engage with other participants as well as gaining useful knowledge to support applications and future careers.

These sessions are aimed at those aspiring to be a healthcare student. You may be commencing applications for university, studying A-Levels, GCSE's or an Access Course.

We will explore the following topics:

  • An introduction to Beyond Bea

  • An overview of pregnancy, birth and the postnatal continuum including categories of risk and care provided
  • Baby Loss Definitions & Terminology

  • The impact of baby loss in the UK
  • An introduction to memory making and bereavement care

  • Resources for families

  • A parents perspective

  • Preparation for you as a future health care student

Sessions will take place online via Zoom using the link provided in the confirmation once you have booked. This link is unique to you.

The session will last 2.5 hours (including a 10 minute break) and is provided by our Founder and CEO Steph Wild, who is a bereaved parent and Registered Midwife.

You will be provided with a certificate of attendance following the session for your portfolio.

Each session costs £10 to attend and you will need to cancel within 10 days to receive a refund or you can reschedule your booking if done so at least 7 days before the session. Refunds cannot be provided if you do not attend.

I fully believe this day should be mandatory as part of our curriculum.

Thank you for letting me tell Mollie’s story. This is how I get to be a parent.

Everything was discussed so sensitively and with so much insight. Today has been invaluable and I will carry it with me throughout my career.

I have learnt more today about the impact of baby loss than in my 25 year career as a midwife.

Thought provoking and very much needed in this trust - and ALL trusts.

You have given me the courage I needed when caring for bereaved families.

Imagine how we would improve as a profession if every health profession undertook this course.

Bespoke Online Sessions

We can also create bespoke online sessions for a university or your work place, for minimum of 30 attendees.

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