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Beyond Bea Baby Loss Conference

The annual Beyond Bea Baby Loss Conference introduces a range speakers offering a variety of different viewpoints – parents with various experiences as well as professionals offering insight into key learning points from their own practice and guidance as to how they can be adapted and implemented into your provision of care.

Beyond Bea speakers include parents who speak from first-hand experience on a range of topics including stillbirth, neonatal death, late miscarriage, termination for medical reasons (compassionate induction), father’s perspectives, cancer and pregnancy, the impact of great bereavement care on families, and the challenges of subsequent pregnancy (rainbow pregnancy).

Our speakers also include professionals who speak with authority about key areas such as providing gold standard bereavement care, delivering care during rainbow pregnancies, and the importance of preventative measures, such as the Saving Babies Lives Care Bundle.

As with our study days, Beyond Bea conferences hold true to our defining principle, that all education on this aspect of care is essential and should be accessible.

The next baby loss conference will be held on Saturday 10th December 2022. Tickets will be available from September 2022.

You are able to view videos from our last baby loss conference held in 2019 here.

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