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Stitch Along

"Stitch Along" is a 3 hour interactive session to enable any student or Midwife to cover the basics of perineal repair. It explores basic anatomy and physiology, assessment of perineal trauma, communication and how to suture first and second degree tears and episiotomies. 

The session is suitable for current student and qualified staff and costs £10. You can book your place below and we run sessions monthly.

Please note that these sessions require a minimum of 10 attendees to go ahead.

You will also need to purchase a suture kit and you may wish to buy a vagina simulator in addition, however this isn't necessary.

Educational Instagram Lives

We've hosted a series of Instagram Lives to share knowledge, experience and understanding of varying topics. Instagram lives are advertised a week before they are hosted and available to watch live or can be watched at any time after the recording.

Each video is posted on our Instagram grid or can also be accessed via the IGTV tab on our home page.

These are the topics we have covered so far:

Gender & health care

The role of the bereavement midwife

When history repeats itself

Experiences as a student midwife and bereavement

Pregnancy after loss

personal loss and providing care

Solo parenting and grief

When loss inspires your career in healthcare


child loss when you don’t fit in

Pregnancy after a rainbow – the storm isn’t over

When loss affects parenting

Non birth partner - mum

ectopic pregnancy

StillParents – a project to support families after loss

Loss and South East Asian Communities

non birthing partner - dad

baby loss and siblings 

Mindfulness Grief (& hypnobirthing after loss)

Developing a bereavement service

positivity after loss


Positive birth and loss


memory boxes

tangible memories - Judah's cloud

GBS & Loss

tackling tfmr

mental health after loss


Support for siblings

Neonatal herpes & loss

adoption after loss

baby loss in NICU / Surviving twin

Breast Milk donation after loss

HELLP syndrome / loss / ICU

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